July 12, 2012

Benchmarks,CnQ & Temps of HAF-922 X-PLOD Edition-1

This is the Benchmarks of which System / Build ?
Ans : This System / Build !

I have decided to put the Benchmark & Temperature related info here, as a separate Post as i did not want to make the "build log"  post much lengthier than it already is.

From this system i was easily able to get 4200Mhz CPU-Speed from the stock 3200Mhz i.e an insane 1000Mhz etc boost. But it was no necessary for me to get around 4.2 GHz unless i supplied a tremendous amount of CPU voltage which i was not happy. So the sweet spot i found was 4144 Mhz with out breaking the wall of performance or power.


        Likewise on the CPU-NB i was able to get a whooping 850Mhz gain from 2000 MHz. Even though my RAM dint want to go much higher than it already is [Just 63Mhz extra], i was still able to get optimum performance from these DDR-3 sticks.
[HAF 922 XPLOD] CPU-Z Memory



  "Cool n Quite" [Advanced]

Power Saving State [P1] & Performance State [P0]


Word of Warning:- If you really don't have an idea of what you are doing, then you better don't even try to attempt it, as improper use of this application & settings will cause your system to malfunction , frequent BSOD's & finally you will be forced to re-install your entire operating system as this application plays an important role with your BIOS in real-time within your O.S.

          No.. this is not the "CnQ" that i am talking about that came with your BIOS. That is for normal users who doesn't want to give much digging on it, if the users are not Overclockers !

But the "CnQ" that i am talking about here is an advanced stuff designed by a normal AMD user cum programmer named 'Martin Kinkelin', where he tweaked the official CnQ application that suits his Overclocking needs and he named the new application as "PhenomMsrTweaker". All credits goes to him & you can visit his application page Here ! Try your luck with, which version suits your system as it might be incompatible with certain versions. Sometimes old version works better with some systems. FYI i use Version 1.2 on Win-7 &  Version 1.2.2 on XP.

Advanced CnQ - PhenomMsrTweaker

          This application can take your CPU to its limits both in Power saving[Min CPU-Voltage] & Performance states. Clicking "Use Current Settings" & "Apply" on the secondary window will confirm the settings. So before finalizing make sure to run some stress tests like Prime95 or something similar to confirm the stability both in power saving and performance mode. If you finalize with out proper testing, then that is it your PITA starts with frequent freezing and BSOD's.


[P1] Low Power/Power Saving Mode & Temp's :-

P1-PowerSave Mode CPU-Vcore = 0.850


         Above pic shows my P1-State mode i.e the Power Save mode. I could take my CPU-Vcore as low as to 0.850 Volts for a core speed of 1800 MHz. Usually after a certain point there wont be much of a difference in power saving if you go on lowering the CPU-Vcore again. As you can see on the CPUID Harware Monitor tab , the Power-Draw is said to be just 51Watts. But that is in theory, of course it might be lower or a bit higher in reality. But still its worth as far as the power draw is concerned. 
           The Cpu-Core temperature are just close to the ambient temp i.e 29C in the Low-Power-State Mode. But lets see what is at Performance -State mode.

[P0] High Power/Performance Mode & Temp's :-

P0-Performance Mode & Temp's
           The performance mode hits 129 Watts theoretically according to HW-Monitor apps, thats an whooping 78Watts difference. Not bad how much you could save with this advanced "CnQ" Feature. I dint want to push the CPU-Voltage Further coz the temp already started hitting 52C or else i could have easily cranked it above 4200MHz. But it was not necessary at all.Now lets move into the benchmarking sections.




Super-Pi [8M]

AIDA64-Benchmark Tool

AIDA64[aka Everest Ultimate Edition] 







3D-Mark Vanatge

1600x900 Resolution


Intel Burn Test [IBT] - G-Flops

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