June 25, 2012

GeForce GTX-470 Enhanced Custom Air Cooling

The Galaxy GTX-470 which i received had the stock cooling on it. Even tho i really liked the Smoke Shroud, there was no sufficient room to overclock the card as it was generating tremendous heat. So i thought of going with an after market cooler and the only choice left for me to choose was the "Arctic Accelero Xtreme Plus Cooler" from Arctic Cooling. But as usual this product also lacked proper VRM-Mosfets cooling kit from Manufacturer. So even after upgrading to the after market cooler my GTX-470 would auto shutdown if i try to overclock further. So i was in a position to think of a better and more efficient idea on improving the cooling on the VRMS/Mosfets.

[...... To be continued..]

GTX-470 with Enhanced Custom Cooling for VRM's & IC's

[....Complete Article will be available soon....]

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